This entity contains a harmonised geographic description of a beach. It is used in applications that use spatial data and is applicable to Tourism, Environment, and Smart City vertical segments and related IoT applications. Special thanks to TURESPAÑA who provided some examples which inspired the development of this data model.

Data Model

A JSON Schema corresponding to this data model can be found here. This entity type has been designed as an extension of so that any property specified by and which domain is can be used by applications.

  • id : Unique identifier.

  • type : Entity type. It must be equal to Beach.

  • dateModified : Last update timestamp of this entity.

  • dateCreated : Entity's creation timestamp.

  • source : A sequence of characters giving the source of the entity data.

    • Attribute type: Text or URL
    • Optional
  • name : Name of this beach.

  • alternateName : Alternative name for this beach.

  • description : Description of this beach.

  • location : Location of this beach represented by a GeoJSON geometry, usually a Point or a Polygon.

  • address : Address of this beach.

  • width : Width of this beach.

  • length : Length of this beach.

  • beachType : Type of beach according to different criteria.

    • Attribute type: List of Text
    • Allowed Values: (whiteSand, urban, isolated, calmWaters, blueFlag, Q-Quality, strongWaves, windy, blackSand) or any other value needed by an application.
    • Optional
  • occupationRate : Typical occupation rate of this beach.

    • Attribute type: Text
    • Allowed Values: (low, medium, high)
    • Optional
  • facilities : Describes different facilities offered by this beach.

    • Attribute type: List of Text
    • Allowed values: (promenade, showers, cleaningServices, lifeGuard, sunshadeRental, sunLoungerRental, waterCraftRental, toilets, touristOffice, litterBins, telephone, surfPracticeArea, accessforDisabled) or any other value needed by an application.
    • Optional
  • accessType : Describes how to get to this beach.

    • Attribute type: List of Text
    • Allowed values: (privateVehicle, boat, onFoot, publicTransport)
    • Optional
  • refSeeAlso : Reference to one or more related entities.

    • Attribute type: List of References
    • Optional

Examples of use

     "id": " Beach-A-Concha-123456 ",        
     "type": ”Beach", 
     "name": "Playa de a Concha",       
     "description": "La Playa de A Concha se presenta .....",                                          
     "address": {          
        "addressCountry": "ES",          
        "addressLocality": "Vilagarcía de Arousa"        
     "beachType": ["whiteSand", "urban", "calmWaters"],
     "occupationRate": "high",
     "facilities": ["promenade", "showers", "cleaningServices", "lifeGuard"],
     “accessType”: ["privateVehicle", "onFoot", "publicTransport"],
     "location": {   
        "type": "Point",          
        "coordinates": [-8.768460000000001, 42.60214472222222]       
     “width”: 51,
     “length”: 450, 
     "source": ""

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