Building Operation


This entity contains a harmonised description of a generic operation (related to smart buildings) applied to the referenced building. The building operation contains dynamic data reported by, or associated with a building or operations applicable to the building. This entity is associated with the vertical segments of smart homes, smart cities, industry and related IoT applications.

This data model has been partially developed in cooperation with mobile operators and the GSMA, compared to GSMA data model the following changes are introduced:

  • refRelatedDeviceOperation replaces refRelatedOperation

Data Model

For a full description of the following attributes refer to GSMA IoT Big Data Harmonised Data Model

  • id

  • type: Entity type. It must be equal to BuildingOperation.`

  • source : A sequence of characters giving the source of the entity data.

    • Attribute type: Text or URL
    • Optional
  • dataProvider : Specifies the URL to information about the provider of this information

    • Attribute type: URL
    • Optional
  • dateModified : Last update timestamp of this entity.

    • Attribute type: DateTime
    • Read-Only. Automatically generated.
  • dateCreated : Entity's creation timestamp.

    • Attribute type: DateTime
    • Read-Only. Automatically generated.
  • description

    • Optional
  • refBuilding

    • Required
  • refOperator

    • Required
  • operationType

    • Optional
  • result

    • Optional
  • result

    • Optional
  • operationSequence

    • Optional
  • refRelatedBuildingOperation

    • Optional

These are the modified attributes compared to GSMA model:

  • startDate : The planned start date for the operation.

  • endDate : The planned end date for the operation.

  • dateStarted : The actual start date for the operation.

  • dateFinished : The actual end date for the operation.

  • refRelatedDeviceOperation : Devices related to the current operation.

    • Attribute type: A list of references to an entity of type Device.

Note: JSON Schemas only capture the NGSI simplified representation, this means that to test the JSON schema examples with a FIWARE NGSI version 2 API implementation, you need to use the keyValues mode (options=keyValues).


  "id": "57b912ab-eb47-4cd5-bc9d-73abece1f1b3",
  "type": "BuildingOperation",
  "dateCreated": "2016-08-08T10:18:16Z",
  "dateModified": "2016-08-08T10:18:16Z",
  "source":  "",
  "dataProvider": "OperatorA",
  "refBuilding": "building-a85e3da145c1",
  "operationType": "airConditioning",
  "description": "Air conditioning levels reduced due to out of hours",
  "result": "ok",
  "startDate": "2016-08-08T10:18:16Z",
  "endDate": "2016-08-20T10:18:16Z",
  "dateStarted": "2016-08-08T10:18:16Z",
  "dateFinished": "2016-08-20T10:18:16Z",
  "status": "finished",
  "operationSequence": [
  "refRelatedBuildingOperation": [
  "refRelatedDeviceOperation": [

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