Open 311 Service Type

As per Open311 an entity of type ServiceType is an acceptable 311 service request type. A request type can be unique to the city/jurisdiction.

Please note that this data model has not been harmonized as per FIWARE/OASC style. We have decided to keep the same property names and structure, although we strongly believe the Open311 model can be leveraged.

Data Model

The data model is defined as shown below:

  • id : Entity's unique identifier.

  • type : It must be Open311:ServiceType.

  • source : A sequence of characters giving the source of the entity data.

    • Attribute type: Text or URL
    • Optional
  • dataProvider : Specifies the URL to information about the provider of this information

    • Attribute type: URL
    • Optional

The following fields defined by Open 311, Service List are allowed to be attributes of this entity type:

  • jurisdiction_id

  • type. To avoid collision with the NGSI entity type it has been renamed to open311:type.

  • service_code

  • service_name

  • description

  • keywords

  • group

  • metadata. This field is not strictly needed as the proposed entity encompasses the attribute definition as well. If defined, its value must be true if the attributes property is defined and its array value is not empty. Otherwise it must be equal to false.

  • attributes. As per the Service Definition structure defined by Open 311.

FIWARE / OASC recommends the following additional fields as an extension to the Open 311 model:

  • location : Location of the area on which this type of service is provided.

    • Attribute type: GeoJSON geometry.
    • Optional
  • provider : Provider of the service.

  • effectiveSince : The date on which the service type was created. This date might be different than the entity creation date.

  • dateCreated : Entity's creation timestamp.

    • Attribute type: DateTime
    • Read-Only. Automatically generated.
  • dateModified : Last update timestamp of this entity.

    • Attribute type: DateTime
    • Read-Only. Automatically generated.

Note: JSON Schemas only capture the NGSI simplified representation, this means that to test the JSON schema examples with a FIWARE NGSI version 2 API implementation, you need to use the keyValues mode (options=keyValues).

Examples of use

  "id": "o311:servicetype-guadalajara-sidewalks",
  "type": "Open311:ServiceType",
  "dateCreated": "2007-01-01",
  "jurisdiction_id": "",
  "open311:type": "realtime",
  "service_code": 234,
  "service_name": "Aceras",
  "description": "When a sidewalk is broken or dirty allows citizens to request a fix",
  "keywords": "street,sidewalk, cleaning, repair",
  "group": "street",
  "attributes": [
      "variable": true,
      "code": "ISSUE_TYPE",
      "datatype": "singlevaluelist",
      "required": true,
      "datatype_description": null,
      "order": 1,
      "description": "What is the identified problem at the sidewalk?",
      "values": [
          "key": 123,
          "name": "Bump"
          "key": 124,

Test it with a real service

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