Environment Harmonized Data Models

This repository is now archived and subsequent works will be carried out the in Smart data models repositories.

These data models describe the main entities involved with smart applications that deal with environmental issues.

The main entities identified are:

  • AeroAllergenObserved. It describes aero allergens observed at a given location and related overall allergen risk.
  • AirQualityObserved. It represents an observation of air quality conditions at a certain place and time.
  • WaterQualityObserved. Allows to capture all the parameters involved in Water Quality scenarios, allowing to deal with different scenarios: - Rivers and lakes. - Reservoirs like dams, cisterns, impoudments. - Sea locations. - Swimming pools or fountains.
  • NoiseLevelObserved. It represents an observation of those parameters that estimate noise pressure levels at a certain place and time.